Phew! FINALLY finished my portfolio!

For those who want to skip the chatter and jump straight to the (almost finished) article, see this:

So, the form submit doesn’t work yet, and the social media buttons are just… buttons rather than lovely icons, and the sections of the menu up top don’t highlight when you scroll to the section (or jump to it using the buttons), and i’d really like to implement smooth scrolling at some point and the colour scheme is there because I got sick of trying to make others work without the whole site looking like a five year olds’ painting.

So, work to do, but capturing the spirit of “great is the enemy of good” or whatever the phrase is, I’ve spent more than 50 hours learning code, tweaking bits, cajoling sections into the way I want them to be, and now it’s time to put it down and get on with the learning. I can always come back to this later to update it and add the ToDos (and refactor all my code because I will undoubtedly wonder what on earth I was doing…)

I must say though, i’ve rarely worked on anything lately that has actually swept me away and caused me to lose hours in just solving little problems. This is fun!


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Hey John, nice work. I think for me the only thing is that it feels to splashed.It could be my screen’s physical size. it feels sometimes that I have to move my head from side to side to read the text. Otherwise its neat and looks professional.
Like the humor as well :wink: I think next time post the link where you can see the editors. The guys that know what they are talking about can give you some valuable tips if they see something that can be done simpler, quicker etc.

Looks nice - I would add a tiny bit of padding-bottom to your social buttons tho so they have some room when stacked on mobile.

Aha! Cheers for the advice!

linky here for editor view:

And Badhoc - thanks for the tip, i’ll work out how to add the padding!