Phil Ken Sebben Tribute Page - Feedback welcome!

Hey all,

I have completed the first project and it said to post, so I have! Plus leave comments/critiques/etc… on how I could have made the code cleaner, maybe the page a little nicer, or anything else. Thanks!

Looks good! I like the use of strikethrough for comedic effect.

One tip. Do you see that white line at the very top? You can get rid of it by changing:

.blue-background {


body {
background: #b38b6d;

What’s happening is the h1 margin is expanding beyond the top of the div. You could also fix the issue by setting the h1 top margin to 0, but that would also eliminate the spacing between the top of the screen and your title.

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Ah, I was wondering how to do that earlier. That does look better. Thanks!