Photo project and some test tasks

Please take a look at my React code (can’t use links on forum yet)
on github Wizarysan/zelenaya-smile-2017 done for job

And recent code I made - some test task to change job
on github Wizarysan/tz-poke
on github Wizarysan/tz-volt

I have feeling that I’m walking in circles and got no progress :C What sould I do, maybe find or start some big project?

If you feel like you are walking in circles in your side projects, it probably won’t help you to work in some big project although I am not sure what you mean by “big project”.

Start small, experiment, and make sure you have the fundamentals of React down. Build few simple apps with it, like random quote machine or a todo list. Once you feel more confident then try tackling bigger projects for sure. Good luck! :clap:

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