Photo slideshow not loading properly on first load

Im trying to add a we3 slideshow to my website but on the initial load of the page the images do not appear. It is only after i click on the “next arrow” of the slideshow element that the images will appear and begin to work. Forgive me as i am just starting to learn how to code. I’ll provide a codepen of my current project although i am using sublime. I simply copy and pasted into codepen for ease of viewing my site on this forum. I apologize in advance if my posting format is incorrect. Any input is appreciated! Thanks.

See the Pen zPVvvO by daniel (@dmking0728) on CodePen.

EDIT: For some reason in codepen the slideshow loads on first load! but in sublime still nothing…Maybe it’s an issue with how my documents are linked together in sublime??

Unfortunately, I can not see the photos at all, but you are using and they do not allow hotlinking as you are doing.