PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON

Hi! I am following a course at the University that is way above my league… I wish to graduate this year, but I could use some help with difficulties, primarily with PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON. I have prior knowledge on HTML and CSS, but this is way more complex.

I have several questions regarding the above mentioned methods and I was hoping that someone would help me and guide me through some questions.

I am able to do 1. on my own, but now I am stuck at 2.4. Anyone able to give me a hint?

“Make sure the form is submitted using GET and is processed on the same page”

This is the full assignment:

Access to pdf file with WP21 week 5 assignment requires login and password. Can you repost it’s content somewhere?

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Here it is!

I don’t see where is a problem : create a form in php file from the template and use some kind of echo $_GET[“name”];
Look here : PHP - AJAX and PHP,
PHP Form Handling

Hi there, if you’re still looking for resources on AJAX. Here’s a helpful guide on how to make sure your website is crawlable: Imagine having to hit the “refresh” button in your browser to update your Twitter feed rather than just hitting the button on the page itself and having it instantly update? These are the types of problems that AJAX solves, although it does come with its pitfalls. Google might claim it’s able to crawl and parse AJAX websites, yet it’s risky to just take its word for it and leave your website’s organic traffic up to chance. Even though Google can usually index dynamic AJAX content, it’s not always that simple.

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