PHP personnal project need help

Hello every body, i’m doing a personnal project and i’m stuck on something. Can you guys help me?
Let me explain what i did already:
It’s a project where people does have an account and connect to it. If their password is lost, they can retrieve it by email.
When you are connected, you have a list of formations (exemple: html/css, java, c++…) . The person can search for a formation with a search tab or directly select the one he want by clicking on a button.
Then, it save it on a personnal page and the users can see which formation he clicked on.

Now one of the issue: It’s not free and users have each one a number of credits (15000/year for exemple) and a number of days (15 days/year). So when he submit to a formation, he must have enought credits AND days. If not, he can’t get register it.

So my idea was to retrieve the credits/number of days of the users with a fletchAll and doing the same by saving the cost of the formation (day & credits). Then if it’s ok, i would update my bdd to change de numbers of credits/days of the users.
$credit = $data[0][‘credit’];
$days = $data[0][‘days’];

	$costFormation = $data3[0]['credit'];
	$timeFormation = $data3[0]['nbDays'];
	$credit = $credit-$costFormation;
	$days = $days-$timeFormation;

	if(extract($_GET)) {
		if($credit > 0 && $days > 0) {
			$req4 = $bdd->prepare('UPDATE employe SET days = :newDays, argent = :newCredit WHERE idEmploye = $varID');
				'nvJours' => $days,
				'nvArgent' => $credit
			$req2 = $bdd->prepare( 'INSERT INTO selectionner (idEmploye, idFormation) VALUES (:idEmploye, :idFormation)' );
				'idEmploye' => $varID,
				'idFormation' => $idFormation,

I translated some of the stuff in english to you so you can understand

I’m not sure how many people in this community may be able to help as we’re all pretty much focused on javascript. However codenewbie has a forum and a slack channel for php here: where you may be able to get help. Good luck!

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Ok ! Will take a look.

edit: i can’t log on the forum :confused: