PHP-should I learn it?

Hello! I had already known that I needed PHP for websites before I built my first one. But I found a solution which lets me add all the stuff(html,css,bootstrap,jquery) to the starter theme and move it to WordPress.

But I read that if you want to build websites with login forms, contact forms,payment systems etc PHP is necessary.

So what do you think about it? Can I build simple websites and landing pages without knowing PHP and just using the solution and WP plugins for the forms or I should start to learn PHP now?And if yes, which is the best resource to learn it?

And I also saw some clickbaits “Should you learn PHP in 2018?”, please share your opinion.Because there is no PHP in the FCC curiculum, but there is node.js, as far as I understand it does the same functions.

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You don’t have to learn PHP to use Wordpress, but it can help, both let you create your own plugins and edit existing ones.

On the flip: do you want a job where they may require PHP? If so learn it…but again that’s up to you.

Hello @Nikita - it depends on your goals. If you want to create a few WordPress websites then yes it is certainly possible to do so without a lick of PHP. However if you intend to go down the WordPress rabbit hole then it just is not possible to advance and understand what is really going on in the WordPress ecosphere without understanding reasonably well how to read and write PHP code. The good news is, it isn’t too difficult if you already understand programming in some other language.

Thank you for your answer,actually I want to build websites and work with WP at first,because it’s very popular CMS. By the way, I’ve watched the video “PHP in 2018” , according to the video Facebook and other famous websites use PHP.

But if it’s possible, could you please recommend me some resources to learn PHP with practical exercises?

Yesterday in the FCC youtube account they uploaded a course of PHP if you want to check it. I don’t know if have practical excersices (I still don’t watch it) but it looks good.

Traversy Media (a channel that I like a lot) has another course (I liked it), just that is from the start of 2017 (No idea about the changes that could happens in that time, but the base is the same).

Code Academy has a php course too, I didn’t go through it, but exist.
Well, at least these are what comes to my mind in this moment. Luck!

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Hi @Nikita,

There are lots of courses and reference materials.

I found this list of PHP courses for 2018, PHP Courses

Youtube is also a good source.

W3 Schools has this free course: W3 PHP

For References I like:

PHP Language Reference