PHP syntax error can't understand

Hi There all you php folks. Very seldom write php mostly by trial and error. I’m editing a program that I have used for a long time that prints code from an sql database. I’m trying to have it recreate a link that works on my html page just fine… but I keep getting an error message about an unexpected “<” can’t figure out which one to remove. Here is the code…

<a href=\"$SERVER/{$row1['file_name']}&ticktock={$row1['starttime1']},{$row1['nextime1']}" onclick=",'pagename','resizable,height=360,width=480'); return false;\"</a> img alt=\"Image 01\" class=\"style47\"  height=\"25\" 
 src=\"\" width=\"47\"> \"; echo '[At-'; echo gmdate("H:i:s", (int)$row1['starttime2']) ;echo ']&nbsp;&nbsp'; echo nl2br($row1['agendatext2']); echo "<br />

When I use debuggers and take off the leading “<” I get that it’s expecting a , or a ; .Just don’t get it??? Help Please. Thank You