Php to javascript framework

Hello guys, i m a newbie. I have a lil problem. I m a php developer and would like very much to develop cross platform apps i read about javascript and cordova and frameworks like react native and ionic native. But i m having issues migrating to Javascript since i only known the basic javascript syntax. I would like to know if basic Javascript is enough for me to learn either of the frameworks or if there are other prerequisite and where to get them. Thanks

No. ‘Basic JavaScript’ just won’t cut it. You need to have a firm grasp on it. Not only that, you also need to have a working knowledge of the latest iteration of JavaScript (known as ES6). React as well as React Native uses a high degree of ES6 code.

There are some great paid as well as free courses that you can get started with. Note that free doesn’t translate to mediocre. Any course from Stephen Grider is a gem. You can also find some great stuff on YouTube from Brad Traversy.

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