PIC mictrocontroller

i am an absolute beginner and seeking guidance to learn how to write code and program PIC mictrocontroller to interface with hardware and sensors

Hi @HarisIjaz, depending on what you want to actually build, you may want to look into Arduino and or RapberryPi.
both great hardware development platforms. I’ve only had limited exposure to Arduino. They use C# as a code base which is very similar to JavaScript.

Good luck

Hi Haris,

If you are a beginner, first of all I recommend you to find a simple development board for pic microcontroller you can find a list of pic microcontroller development boards here

After that, you need a compiler and IDE to write your code for pic microcontroller I recommend you to start with mikro c for pic which is easier to use. Check this link for getting starting with pic microcontroller programming using mikro c for pic

After choosing these start working on pic micro controller tutorials starting from beginners level to advanced level
here is a very useful source for pic microcontroller tutorials

I hope it helps you, if you need any help feel free to reply here