Picking back up

Hi all,

For the last few months I was plugging away studying quite regularly, however most recently, in the last few weeks I have been having the utmost difficulty creating regular time to study. Now the few chances where I do get to sit down and study I find it quite difficult to reorient myself, to read and remember the solutions and their components to a challenge for example. I am moving through the FCC material in order, currently in the ‘functional programming’ lessons, and I find it particularly difficult to jump back into this subject in particular.

As a parallel line of action I have also been writing an application for taking notes. At this point I am trying to integrate Cloud Firestore into the application. It writes to and reads from the database, and next I’d like to add user log in and authentication. After a few weeks without the chance to read/write JS I’m finding it challenging to pick back up on this end as well.

Thought I would drop the topic here and see if any useful advice turns up. Thanks in advance =)


Don’t be afraid to take step or two back and re-learn previous steps. Dont think of it as time wasted, because it is not. Time spent learning (or re-learning) is time well spent.

What helps me personally is taking study notes what I learn, if I come up to a particular “a-ha!” moment, I write it down with a little explanation. That act alone, helps cement the knowledge somewhat. Also, one of the best ways to retain information is in small repeatable chunks that you can revisit at a later date and recall.

Not sure if it helps, but just know that it is completely normal and to be expected because you are learning something new and hard.! Keep going!