Picking up where I left off after a break

I was going through the JavaScript curriculum last year and I’d just started the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section. Then I got a job (in another field) and put my studies on hold. That job is now over, but I feel a bit lost. I’m not sure if I should just start again where I left off or go back a bit.

The previous 2 sections were very difficult for me. I’m sure others have been in this position before. What did you do?

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You can back up and redo things if you want, skipping over things you already know, or plow forward, taking little refresher sidetrips for things that stop you up. It’s really up to you. Or you can try one and switch to the other.

Yeah, these can be hard for people. Programming is not easy. That’s why it pays good money. Don’t think you have to learn everything perfectly. It’s more important to understand the concepts, know what is possible, and know where to find the answer.


It is pretty normal and really an inevitable part of programming life where you start learning a thing but then you have to let go of it for a while and then come back to it. It might seem to be a bit harder than it should be but you would get a hang of it.

I’d say reviewing your code snippets from back then will definitely help. We tend to remember things better if we were involved with it.

Just like Kevin said you can definitely go back a little bit just to make sure there are no gaps in things you were learning. You could also use the latter/harder sections to review the foundations you’ve learned in the initial sections.

Good Luck :call_me_hand: