Picking up where I left off

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for remembering where they left off when trying to learn to code. I get on a roll and complete a few challenges but after I have to stop for a couple days for various reasons I have trouble remembering where I left off from and recalling the new info I learned in order to complete the new challenges. This can get very frustrating and make the learning process take even longer than I feel it should. I take notes in a note book and it helps somewhat. I memorize things through repetition like most people I suppose. Just wondering if anyone had any tips to help with recalling this stuff after a couple days off from it.

Try to do a little bit every day even if it is just 30 minutes or less. The more you put the stuff you learn in practice, the more you will remember it. When you start out, it is natural that you will forget some things. I was constantly looking back at previous exercises. Truth be told: I still have to pretty much search stackoverflow and css-tricks anytime I want to center something ;). So don’t let it bother you. It will eventually become embedded in your mind after you do it enough. Just keep doing it!

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Thanks! Right after I posted that I finally figured out how to go back and look at the previous lessons. I did a tutorial on Ruby not long ago but still a newbie to this world.

It will help you if you stick to one thing too. If you are trying to learn web development, javascript, and ruby, you are hurting yourself by trying to learn too much at once. I would stick to one thing at a time. Either learn Ruby, or learn FCC and javascript. It will make it a lot easier.


I want to second this idea. While most programming languages have a bit of commonality, the syntax and structure can be wildly different. Once you have a strong familiarity with a language then learning other languages becomes easier…sticking with one at a time will probably lead to better learning.

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I am still trying to find the best path to take honestly. I’m already 33 and looking to pick up a new skill. So I do like the challenge of coding and the nature of it but I also want to learn whichever is most useful as far as potential income in the future if I can become proficient or at least competent at it. I have the luxury of having quite a bit of free time. The only problem is deciphering which programming language is best for me. Keep in mind I have never done anything like this before and the skill set it far outside of my current occupation. I am completely open to suggestions.

Javascript. As far as income, Node developers make more money than Ruby on Rails developers according to the latest StackOverflow reports. You will have to learn Javascript anyway, you might as well really focus on it and learn it very well. You can now use Javascript on the client and the server. There is no need today to learn a web server language such as Ruby, C#, PHP, etc. You will probably want to learn maybe C#, C++, Java, PHP, or another language down the road. But since you are starting out, I strongly suggest getting a foothold in Javascript first. I learned C# and some Java before Javascript. Over a year later when I tried to learn Javascript, things such as arrays, loops, and functions were second nature (something that first time Javascript people struggle with). Objects, this, prototypes, and other functional ideas completely befuddled my mind because I was also trying to learn class object-orientated programming. I was really confused. If you don’t decide what to do and try to do several things, you will end up getting confused, and you will not be proficient in anything you try to do. So I suggest you follow the MEAN stack path on FreeCodeCamp like I am. Study Javascript in detail. Become proficient and learn client and server side techniques in one language. You will learn so much faster, and you also will become proficient in the most needed programming language right now: Javascript.

Besides, having people to help you can be difficult if you are all spread out. On FCC we focus on one thing. You guessed it, Javascript! There are numerous people here who have great experience to help and guide you on our forums and Gitter chat rooms if you have problems. Plus you can get together with other programmers, and you always learn better with other people to guide and push you on.

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Thank you very much sir! That is a big help and it is much appreciated.

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This made me giggle. :laughing:

If you’re looking for something to help motivate you to code a little every day, 100 Days of Code might be something to look into. I know quite a few FCCers who are either doing it now or have done it and it is/has worked out for them. :slight_smile:

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