Picture not showing for my portfolio site on LinkedIn

Here is my LinkedIn profile. Right below my summary, you can see a link to my portfolio website, but the image appears blank. I have no idea why. I Added the og meta tags so that a proper image is displayed when I share it on Facebook. The funny thing is, before I added the meta tags, LinkedIn would just grab a seemingly random photo from my website to show in the thumbnail, after adding the meta tags, it just appears like it is now—blank.

Anyone else encounter this problem? I don’t want to remove the og meta tags, because then my Facebook links won’t be correct, but now my LinkedIn link is incorrect… there must be a solution, I’ve just yet to find one.

I figured it out myself. The answer was in LinkedIn’s help documentation. Apparently the max size allowed for the image is only 1MB, and mine was about 3 times that.


Haha so sad, but helped me a lot c: