Picture not showing on webpage

Hi, I need help please.

I have been trying to post pictures on my HTML and I pass the test but the picture does not show on my webpage. If I copy a picture from another website however, it works but from my laptop, it does not.

I tried with imgbb and it still does not work.

And also, the tribute link at the end, does not open.

It looks like you might not have the right source urls.

  • "https://i.ibb.co/GFc6Gss/Tribute-Picture.jpg"
    • This one looks fine, but when I tried to look it up in my browser, I couldn’t access it.
  • "aL5Gu.jpeg"
    • This isn’t a url

I also saw this in an href: "file:///Users/aishatubanye/Downloads/Royal%20Holloway%20University%20of%20London%20Personal%20Statement-1.pdf" That’s not a url. That’s a local file path on your computer. The internet doesn’t have access to files on your computer.

Ohhhhh, thank you for letting me know.

How do I resolve the issue please? It is possible to convert them to a url? I have been stuck on this for so long.

If the images aren’t already online, then you need to find a way to have them hosted online. I usually just search for “free image hosting” and use the first thing that seems to work.

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