PigLatin challenge - partly works, but getting error with certain words RESOLVED

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For some reason, my code for the pig latin challenge works except with california. What I don’t understand is if I send california to the function, it calls a TypeError: str.join is not a function (it works with all the other words in the challenge). But if I change the str.join(’’) to str.join(’ ') after submitting california, I don’t get the error. (However it returns aliforniacay with spaces).

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thank you!

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
	var key = ['a','e','i','o','u'];	
	str = str.split('');

	//check to see if first letters of string is a vowel
	for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++){
		if(str[0] === key[i]){	

	//if vowels are at the begining, just add way to the end
	str = str.join('');
	str += 'way';			
	return str;

	//if there are up to 3 consanants at the beginning of the string
	for (var j = 0; j < key.length; j++){

		if(str[1] === key[j]){	
		} else if (str[2] === key[j]){

		} else if (str[3] === key[j]){


	//move all consonants from the beginning to end of string		
	function convertPiglatin(num){	

		str = str.join('');
		var newStr = str.slice(0,num);
		var strLength = str.length;
		str = str.substr(num, strLength);

		str = str + newStr + 'ay';		
  return str;


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Run your code through Python tutor. That should help you.

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Thanks @JohnnyBizzel! That helped a ton - I added break; to my for loop and it solved the problem.

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Looks like the first time str passes through your convertPigLatin function, it’s an array, so the join function works just fine. But the second time through, str is a string, which is why the join function fails.

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Thanks @JaceyBennett! I had to put a break; in the for loop to stop it. Sure appreciate you taking a look!

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