Pixel-art maker

I have created a pixel art maker for the “Grow with Google Scholarship”. So i wanted some feedback on the project i created and what changes i should do in order to make it much better.Thank you.

Link : https://sunnypaul393.github.io/Pixel-Art-Maker/

I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I clicked on the canvas but nothing happened. I tried changing colors and making sure that a brush is selected, but still nothing. Looks like an interesting project though.

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Looks like you need to

  1. Click "create grid"
  2. Paint to your heart's content!
Hope that helps! Looks nice and the colour selection reaaally surprised me. I didn't know you could do that!
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Your proyect could use a “Background colour” option!
Also, the option to hide the grid could prove handy for visualization.
What about a “save” option? You could write something to serve it as a blob: I think, and use SVG as the file format.

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