Placeholders for text and images for your portfolio or website (Tipp)


i want to share some helpful sites with you. For your websites especially portfolio or similar projects.

If you need Text as a placeholder for content on a website, here you can get different kinds (every day lorem ipsum is boring :slight_smile: )
Text generator for lorem ipsum and other kinds of texts

Do you have not enough projects and screenshots for your portfolio? Is your image gallery project ready but without good or enough images?
Placeholder for images (black white/color/, different sizes, different topicsโ€ฆ)

Here is another placeholder site without images

I know there are many websites like these out there, but i thought you should know that you have these opportunities and know what you must looking for.

Have a nice sunday.


i have started doing portfolio site and i dont know how to use the websites u have suggested ,and whats the use of this placeholder

Hi nani,

if you start a portfolio site and have no or not many projects finished, than you can use these sites. You can use placeholders instead of a picture of a project. It looks not very nice when you have a site with the headline portfolio and the rest is white space because you have no projects to show yet.
With placeholders you have also an idea how a site look like if it is finished and filled with pictures or other content.

I hope i could help you.