Places to get practical experience with Python/Jave

What are some places I can gain practical experience with Python (including Data Science) and Java?

Hi @harshilavlani. Assuming you are referring to online platforms for practice in addition to the FCC projects.
Note, Iā€™m data science oriented and only know python (not java) so my answers will be defined by that, however, I will tell you based on my personal experience:
Kaggle. A community of Data Scientist and ML practicioners, you will learn a lot if you already have some good python knowledge and (at least) some knowledge of the ML theory.
HackerRrand. Competitive programming
Data Science Practicum with Yandex.
Google Cloud (there are many exercises) however many of these are paid.
AWS. Also Great for ML, but also paid.
Cloudxlab (I dont have tried this, yet)
Volunteering as a Data Scientist in an NGO (if you want a more "real job oriented"experience).

Non Data Science oriented:
1.The Python Software foundation . You can contribute in the software development of packages on github, making yourself a volunteer. You will learn python helping python. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope this helps

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