Planning for our New Years Eve 2016 celebration live stream

Last year we hosted a big New Year’s Eve live stream.

It was a blast.

@brianamarie, @codenonprofit, and @saintpeter joined me for a 6 hour live stream, and together we celebrated new year’s 4 times.

Well, we learned a lot:

  1. We should plan well in advance and get interesting guests lined up. We sent out invitations too late to get many guests.
  2. We should make it shorter. I personally almost fell asleep on stream toward the end of it. This year, we should only stream for 4 hours, starting at 11 p.m. EST and end at end at 3 a.m. EST (midnight on the west coast).
  3. We should have more events lined up and have the campers present revolve. We can have one person host the entire thing and have other campers come and go.
  4. We should stream on YouTube instead of Twitch, since we have a much larger following there now.

Should we have another live stream this year?

Any ideas for whom we should invite on?

Is there anyone here who’s a regular streamer who’d be interested in serving as the MC?

Here’s last year’s stream if you’re curious:


I vote yes for the livestream. If you’re looking for semi-celebs for the guests, might I recommend Mattias Johansson of funfunfunction fame?

At the same time, I’m sure many campers would be happy hearing from a similar crew as last year. Admittedly, I didn’t watch the full summit video above, but it might be cool to have different segments like a Q&A from the audience, a segment where you write a quick app of some kind together, etc.



i second Mattias, love that guy! Although, it could be tough to get some people to show up on New Years…


I’d love to be involved again this year! So much fun. :tada:


I would love to see mpjme, but time zones could be an issue. He’s in Sweden, I think.

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Depending on the timezone here, it could workout to being like 7 a.m. his time which wouldn’t be too bad.

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Awesome! You’re on! I’ll message you about your time availability.

I’ve reached out to Mattias. Are there any other prolific devs I should reach out to?

How about Mark Zuckerberg… lol

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Travis (DevTips) would be pretty cool


Will Stern of would be appropriate considering how often his videos get linked to on these forums.

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Saron Yitbarek?

(20 chars)

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I’d be down to help and be apart of this Quincy. Hit me up!

sounds like a fun party

I’d be up for joining in the virtual party! I’m on EST, so count me in for at least the first couple hours. Ringing in the new year with some fine FCC folks sounds like a great idea! One question: would wearing a pair of (my finest) sweatpants be in line with the dress code? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great idea, for CET timezone it would be pretty late or either early after New Year’s parties but I’d love to see it on YT later.
We can record ‘happy new year, keep on coding!’ or sth like that from the campers all over the world and put it in the breaks between guests :wink:


Hi Quincy!

This is my primary list:

  • Mattias Johansson (funfunfunction)
  • Kent C. Dodds (JavaScript Air)
  • Travis Neilson (DevTips)
  • David J. Malan (CS50)
  • Wes Bos (Wes Bos)

Secondary List:

  • John Sonmez (Simple Programmer)
  • Will Stern (
  • Matt Tran (Engineered Truth)
  • Scott Tolinski (LevelUp Tuts)

No dress code, but party hats and those kazoo things are welcome!

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Lea Verou
Aimee Knight
Sarah Drasner

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Thanks everyone! Please keep these suggestions coming. I am reaching out to people and assembling a schedule.