Planning on building an email campaign SPA: what parts of the curriculum can I skip?

I want to build a single page app / SaaS product that does autoresponders for people. First it will ask for information (Upload your list. Which contact methods will you use, email, direct mail, voicemail?) Then it will let them fill out their messages to be autosent. There needs to be a back end and GUI for updating information later. I want to be able to take payments too. The emails/post mail/voicemail must be sent via API to other services.

Based on all of this I think the only beta certificate I can skip for now is Data Visualization. And I’m not even sure I can skip that one.

A few questions that hopefully could be answered at this point:

  1. Do I need data visualization?

  2. Can I skip intermediate algorithms, or does a project of this scope require being highly skilled in those?

  3. Is there anything I’ll need to learn that isn’t covered well in FCC?

I think can could skip data visualization but the rest is pretty much very basic stuff considering your goal. The application you describe is not easy and would require good skill. Skipping algorithms can be a choice if you are sure that you would be able to do them but you don’t want to waste your time on them, still, not the best choice if you are not already in the field. I guess what you might miss from FCC is user experience, design, methodologies like AGILE or SCRUM and how to make your application really safe. You could use gateway payments to think less about this problem.

A doubt about your SPA: let’s say that your application is ready and the autoresponder works as intended and you can send automated responses to lists of people. How would you talk with your client’s e-mail if it were missing an API? How would you know whether a new mail message or something like that has arrived? The idea is good but it’s not a small project to implement :smiley:

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The email portion sounds similar to MailChimp. So you could research MailChimp and their competitors for case studies. A lot of problems you will encounter should be covered by those case studies. I’m only assuming the case studies exist.

This project would look impressive on your resume if you applied to MailChimp or their competitors. It shows a lot of interest in the services they provide. You would have a unique insight to how their business works.

Good luck, keep us updated on your progress with this project!

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Will do. I will be applying for remote jobs (not easy to get) and doing my own outreach, so I will be the first customer of my application :slight_smile: