Platform to get like-minded people in touch. Any feedback is super appreciated!

Hello, I have just launched a website, where people can find other people with similar or same interests. Let’s say you are interested in programming or music making, but you don’t know anyone, who is interested in that field too. This website allows you to look for people, who are in the same situation as you are, they are interested in a particular field, but among their friend circles there are no one who has interests in that field. You can check on the website if someone is looking for another programmer, or whatever field you are interested in, to share their tips, learning resources, feedback etc. If there are no current posts with specific interests as yours, you can create a post yourself, so other people could find you. Once you have found a post which you like, you can leave a message to that person. In this platform you can have private conversations or if you find more than one person, who is interested in something, you can even create a group conversations.
You can find this website here
I’ve been working on this project for a few months. So absolutely any feedback is appreciated!