Please, a feedback on my documentation page!


I will like to have a feedback on my documentation page. I’m new in web development, I will like improve on the responsive design part.


Good project! Few things I would change.

  • Hovering on 2nd menu item will expand your lines to 2 lines, try fixing this.
  • Box shadows on your code snippets feel they are too much. Make them more subtle.
  • Give some padding top to your headers.
  • Make it responsive.

Good luck :tada:

I really appreciate your feedback! I will do those changes.

First of, congrats on researching and presenting an advanced topic. Your page is well on its way to being a solid project
Now for the critique part…

On your text the padding on the right should match what you have on the left side.
I just think that would be more aesthetically pleasing.
The font and font weight feel a little lite to me, it detracts from readability.
I like the shadow effect but maybe turn the opacity down a bit.
On mobile the code section is not as responsive as it could be. and again I feel like the text needs a bit of padding on the right.

You are doing a good job!

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Thanks for your feedback I will work on these parts.


Hi Lizamarie,

  1. The only thing I see is that the menu items are wrapping on hover. They should not move on hover.
  2. There is no padding on the right side of the page, the text is touching the edge.

Keep up the good work!

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