Please advice, someone hacked the domain

Hello everyone,

A friend has a website that she uses to promote her business, and someone hacked her page and took her domain and now he is asking her to pay him what she doesn’t want to do. Can’t get her content on the page and she wonders what to do?

please can you give me some advice
thank you

I’m sorry to hear about your friends bad luck.

This isn’t really within the typical subject matter of this forum, which mostly deals with the FCC curriculum specifically and with web dev and coding more generally. There’s nothing wrong with asking but I don’t know what kind of a response you will get. There may be other forums with people that specialize in these issues where you will get better responses, both in quantity and quality.

I hope it all works out.

I understand and I’m sorry, but I don’t have anyone else to ask and it would really mean a lot to me to get any answer. Because I really don’t know if the content can be reached somehow or we need to make a new page.

Thanks and sorry

I’m sorry, I have no idea. First of all, all the content should be backed up, in a repo or whatever. Or you might be able to get it through the internet wayback machine or something.

You might reach a much larger audience by asking on Stack Overflow. I might google things like “internet security forum”. With some googling, you can probably find someone that’s dealt with this exact issue.

Thank you very much
even this little information means a lot to me and I am very grateful. Sorry again for asking a non-FCC curriculum specific question. I won’t do it again.

There’s nothing wrong with asking non-FCC related questions. It’s a computer/web question so it is fair game. I’m just suggesting you could get a better answer somewhere else.

Where is the site hosted and who is the domain name provider?

If she is paying a provider for hosting and/or paying for a domain name I’m sure they can help her. I would imagine the accounts are likely tied to a credit card.

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Exacly this. If she can prove she is the rightful owner of the domain via credit card or invoice, acct info, she should be able to get it back via the hosting provider or DNS registrar in the case they are not the same company.

And also, while not a guarantee, most hosting providers would have backups of all their sites stored somewhere. They may not be up-to-date as of the day it was hacked but if it’s mostly static content, any backup they would have would be minimally outdated.

Although some providers leave individual website backups to the end user. It all depends on the host and their terms of service.

Although I couldn’t see a host NOT performing backups of thier hosted websites of somekind in this day and age (with storage being relatively cheap and abundant) in case of server, hdd, or some other catastrophic failure.

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