Please advise me some javascript website with an emphisize on practise and projects

Could you advise me some websites like Wes Bos javascript 30 where I could learn programming practically with projects?

Have you checked the FreeCodeCamp curriculum here?
What do you think you need different? Just to know what kind of thing you may need

No I haven’t checked it out yet, but I would be really thankfull if you point me another a couple of sites.

the freecodecamp curriculum at has some projects to complete

project based may mean various things, so I was asking what do you mean - guided step by step, or this are the user stories, complete it on your own respecting these? something in between?

You can also try
The Odin Project
Khan Academy

Guided step by step, I will try free boot camp js course, thanks.

I really enjoyed both the watch and code series By Gordon as well as the Modern javascript course By Brad Traversy on Udemy. They both teach by walking you through projects. I’ve been constantly going back to my projects from these courses to help me work out some of the algorithm and projects on FCC.

Wow) I’m immensely thankfull for these web site, undoubtedly it’ll be usefull for me, I also like watching Brad Traversy tutorials on Youtube, for me he’s the most talented tutor)

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