Please answer what wrong am I?

My nav element is not work. What wrong is it?

If it’s the links you are asking about - you need to set your <section id= to match the title of the section, and the nav-link href to #+section id

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Thank you for answering.

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There are a number of issues with your code.

  1. Your ids are not unique. For example id = "Paragraph" appears on more than one element
  2. Some elements do not have closing/opening tags
  3. You need to research more about the use of # symbol in values of id attribute.
  4. To see what i am talking about, click the button with v symbol just at the top right of the html window and then click analyze. Those errors will be displayed in your html window.
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Can br use without including opening tag?

<br> is a self closing tag. </br> isn’t a thing.
On another note, you shouldn’t use <br> to force spacing as it messes with accessibility, such as screen readers. Wrap your text in <p> tags instead.

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