Please can you give me a feedback in my Survey Project

Hi guys, can you please provide critics, hints, and corrections in my code for the survey project. This is so important for me to keep forward, and get better. Any advice and correction will be so helpful!

This is the link:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help

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Hey :slightly_smiling_face: your survey looks great and apllied all requested instructions. It is also 100% mobile responsive. I can only suggest one thing: your main title and subtitles are alll in white color, make some color changes to give them visual distinction, your background is dark, maybe light-color will have better visual effect. Help your self with marketing color wheel to make correct color choice. Nice job!

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your feedback. I will work in the colors!

Thank you again!!

Great work buddy.
I like the contrast.
Things you can improve -

  • give some padding to the input element
  • the submit button is too bright(at least for me), use for color schemes


Thank you so much, for the feedback. I just check the color resource and that’s amazing.