Please check my portfolio page before I send it off to the world

I’m an English teacher in Japan, right now we’re on summer break through the end of August so I’m planning to start applying for front end jobs ASAP.

If you were an employer and saw my profile, what would you think?

My portfolio

Nice portfolio, simple and clear. Watch out with paddings and margins, after the page loads if you press the Home button instead of staying in the same position, the page scrolls a little down (depending on the size of the screen this causes the Projects block to appear below). Also, i would personally add some design to the home screen or more info about yourself.

Cool projects!!

Thanks for your input! I went with the spartan look mostly because design is not my strongest suit, and I wanted to get this on the ground as soon as possible. I suppose it does look a little too bare, I’ll try to add some accents and little things here and there.