Please check my Tribute page Project Challenge

Hi all

Can you please check the Tribute Page Project Challenge that i completed .

Please suggest what additions, best practice and codes i could have used to make the codes and webpage look better and function better.


Link to my codes

Link to the challenge

Your page looks good @Hisoka. Something to revisit;

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@ArielLeslie thanks for the edit :blush:

Thanks @Roma I will look into it. This was my first challenge when i started the course.

I have completed the Responsive Web Design and i will be posting my projects one by one to get reviews and advice from Pro developers like your self.

Looks like i still have a long way to go. Probably pissed some Pros as well with tones of questions and my lack of understanding. But in time i will get it.

Thanks again and to all who ever is watching/reading and thanks to freecodecamp Gods.

Peace :love_you_gesture:

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