Please check out my landing page

So I thought about using a real product for this project. I did some simple prototype and used it. The product is funny though. Please review it and give me your comments.
I also had to compromise one of the test for something else.
Thanks for your time.

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One thing that you can do is change the color of links in the navbar when mouse hovers over them.

It looks great!

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This page looks really nice. You have good use of spacing and it appears to look good on mobile as well as desktop. My two biggest critiques here are:

  1. Too many fonts. It’s easy to lose identity with soo many different fonts used. Here’s a quick article to maybe help out: A google search for “How many fonts to use in a design” will turn up a lot more.

  2. Need something in the nav bar on hover. Whether its a subtle background color or text color change to signify something happens on click.

Overall really great job! Keep it up.

:pineapple: 4TRIO19 :pineapple:

thanks for your time.
I’ll do that.

thanks a lot…I’ll work on it.