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Hello @DoviMaj,


  • error

Element “head” is missing a required instance of child element “title”.

From line 4 to line 4:

  <div id="main"> <!-- this is the problem -->
  • error

Element “title” not allowed as child of element “div” in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

From line 5 to line 5:

  <div id="main"> <!-- this is the problem -->
  <title id="title">The Beatles
  • error

Stray end tag “head”.

From line 7 to line 7:

  <div id="main"> <!-- this is the problem -->
  • info

This document appears to be written in English. Consider adding “lang=“en”” (or variant) to the “html” start tag.

cheers and happy codding :slight_smile:


Tools used:

A validator is a computer program used to check the validity or syntactical correctness of a fragment of code or document. The term is commonly used in the context of validating HTML,CSS and XML documents or RSS feeds though it can be used for any defined format or language.

thank you. are these must change or just improvments?

The font is hard to read and hurts my eyes. Style is less important than readability in font.

Other than that it looks nice, I like the embedded spotify player with the Beatles playlist.

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HI @DoviMaj,

Most people the first thing they do is check for the correctness of the code, and probably they will use some type of software.
I think that pass that first test without errors is a good idea.

Because of that, I think that these errors must be corrected.

Cheers and happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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