Please code review my FCC survey form


I have just finished my FCC Survey Form and am looking for a code review / feedback. When folks have a free moment please review the code at

The full site view may be found here:

In this form I have tried to incorporate the following concepts from the responsive web design course.

  1. CSS Grid
  2. CSS styling
  3. Accessibility
  4. Natural document flow
  5. Responsive design

Thank you very much for reviewing, looking forward to your comments.


James Davis

Simple form and it looks fine , make more responsive and add more CSS in your project .
Keep learning
Happy Coding

Hi @Gunjan thank you for reviewing my code. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I have made the form more responsive using media queries and vw units. Under 731 px the elements in the form should stack, also moved all content into the form.

Thanks again!

James Davis

Looks good! Your budget input has an asterisk next to it, but it is not required.