Please code review my portfolio project

Hey guys,

Could you please take a moment to review my portfolio project at below pen:

I have made this using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and a bit of javascript for smooth scrolling effect.

From a technical standpoint, your code has a couple of issues:

  1. You should not be using <br/> tags for layout, when you could accomplish the same with margins.
  2. You seem to have a lot of unnecessary tags, e.g. <h4><b><i>Infosys Limited, Hyderabad, May-2013 - Aug-2015</i></b></h4>. Use CSS for styling, and chose your tags by how semantically appropriate they are.
  3. There are lots of attributes in your HTML which exist for no reason. For example: <form id="contactForm" action=""> could be replaced with <form> because the id is not being referenced anywhere, and action attribute is being assigned to its default value.

Have you wrote this HTML yourself, or has it been produced by a Dreamweaver or another visual editor? Consider writing your HTML manually as a practice.

Thanks a lot.
This code is purely hand written.
Agree with point 1 and 2. But in point 3, contactForm id is being used in Send button form attribute. Since i kept the send button outside of form division, i then linked the button with form using form attribute.