Please comment on my Tribute Page

Please review my tribute Page, Click here to view my Project This is my first HTML project. Feel free comment and point out at my mistakes. Suggestions are welcome.


It looks really good, I really like the side by side layout. The only thing I would recommend is changing your column breakpoints to col-sm-xx rather than col-xs-xx so that it looks a little better on mobile screens. Great first project, keep it up!

Pretty good! Fixing up the mobile response will help. Also, the large block of text could use some visual interest to break it up a little. Some suggestions:

  • I really like the typeface you use for the h1 at the top, but pairing it with Roboto for the main body text doesn’t provide much contrast. Maybe try a nice serif or slab-serif?
  • You have a couple of quotes in there. Those could stunning if they were pulled out as blockquotes and given some attractive styling to make them stand out.
  • Perhaps move the images from the side bar and scatter them throughout the paragraphs of the main text to break up the text a little.
  • You have a big Introduction heading, but no other headings. Two or three more headings would help break up the text.

The sidebar looks very nice on a desktop, but it doesn’t look good if the browser window is shrunk thinner—the text gets too squished up. I would remove the bullets and indents, and maybe even consider setting a min-width on the sidebar container.