Please critic my landing page

Hello! Please critic my landing page, and don’t take it easy.


This is SO GREAT! Keep it up!

It is really really good!

This webpage looks awesome.

Perfect, you have included site to be responsive, hamburger added, etc. what else anyone want?


Overall looks really nice!

Things I would consider changing:

  1. The ‘get started’ section is off on mobile
  2. After opening hamburger and clicking a section, the menu doesn’t close automatically. It’s a bit confusing and adds an additional click.
  3. I feel like having both chat and scroll top button takes a lot of space. (I opened the page on my rather small phone only!) maybe I am not exactly right but that’s for you to consider :wink:
  4. Numbers in brackets in ‘benefits’ look a bit unprofessional. Maybe you can pit tiny icons with numbers or ticks instead?
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Woah, you really took your time to find out such issues. Thank you for your feedback. I will work on fixing those.

I got a chance to take a look at the website on a laptop now and I got a full experience.

I am not commenting on the code as I am not experienced enough, just my thoughts:

  1. I enjoy the colors. Looks really nice.
  2. Now that I opened it at desktop I am still not sure about the ‘scroll up’ button. I think it is useful on mobile but at desktop not really. Maybe someone smarter will shed some light whether it makes sense.
  3. Also the ‘benefits’ section on desktop this time - when I come there I mostly see the animation. As much as it looks nice, it does also cover most of the screen and doesn’t really deliver the message. It might get smaller to show the info below .


PS. Also thanks for using - I will definitely try them out just to play around.

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Thanks again for your valuable feedback. And yes, I will be glad to give you my feedback anytime.

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Could you look at my projects and tell me what you think?

I went through everything and I really like the project “behold my night” because all the colors are in harmony. I also like the “checklist” project, but not the background.
On shadow feels saturated and hard to read for the “redrum” project. I am just sharing my feeling but I am not an expert in colors theory.

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Thank you!

I think you are probably right about the “redrum” one. I didn’t spend much time on that one, I made it in like five minutes so…lol