Please, criticise my FCC projects :)

Hello everyone!

Today I’ve build my portfolio page and I’d love to have some feedback from real devs and students from FCC. I have followed all the users stories, but differently from what is common, I opted for not use a contact form right now. A I didn’t learned yet how to make it work, so I have skipped that and included some social icons to do this job. I really want to update this page with all the new things I’m learning here :slight_smile:

Hope you guys liked and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I have finally finished my random quote generator, after long searchs about JSON and how the hell to set the Twitter share button. I think I made it, but I still have a minor problem. When the user wants to share the quote, the message goes with HTML tags and special characters. Anyone can help me to filter that? I believe RegEx can do the trick, but I’m having a hard time trying how to set it correctly.

The code is:

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The page is beautiful and the links work as they should. The only design aspect i didn’t like was the use of 5 navigation bar choices. you did a great job at making the information concise and visually appealing but I think that teh design function and visual appeal would benefit by only having “HOME”, “ABOUT ME” and “PORTFOLIO” on the navigation bar.

Really nice page Michel!

Thank you, WIlliam! You are right, I reduced the navbar options and remover the technologies part. I will also add an email form today, and I really hope to make it work properly :slight_smile:

Your page is really nice, congratulations.