Please Critique my last React / Redux eCommerce and portfolio (Junior Dev)

Hi !

My last site
My portfolio

Since 2 years ago I’m developing sites with React and Redux. I’m always looking for challenges and have learn a lot in this time. However when I send proposals on upWork I get almost no feedback. I need a reality check and a positive critique to highlight the weakness in my work and be able to focus on developing the skills that would allow me to improve.

Best Regards.
Abraham R.

I took a look at your site. There is certainly a lot going on there. To be honest, I think there is way too much going on there. It’s almost as if you tried to throw every special effect you could think of into one site. And it takes at least 10 seconds before I even get a menu to click on or content to read, way too long for most people’s attention span.

The disappearing menu at the top is very annoying. (I still haven’t completely figured out what makes it appear without scrolling. It seems to have something to do with the mouse movement but I couldn’t tell you exactly how to trigger it. Sometimes I can move my mouse all over the page and it never appears and other times it appears almost immediately after moving the mouse).

I’m going to stop here because I fear I could write for a very long time about all of the issues I am finding with this site. In summary, it is not accessible (try navigating with only the keyboard). It is not completely responsive (at narrower widths content is getting cut-off on some pages). Some of the content is barely readable because there is not enough color contrast between the text and the background. But really, I think there are just way too many effects crammed into this which makes it look unprofessional (and to some extent, unusable).

Sorry if this seems blunt. I’m just being honest here. If I were looking to hire someone to build my web site I would be thinking “Yes, this person knows a lot of neat tricks but they don’t quite know how to build a professional, functional web site.”

Your portfolio page on the other hand is much nicer. There are still issues (especially regarding accessibility), but overall it is much more professional looking in my opinion.

Your portfolio site looks 100% professional at first sight, but if I open any of the projects you’ve linked, I’m flooded with red flags.

You already got some critique for the une-felt site, and I have to agree. Especially clickable elements shouldn’t move while I’m hovering over them and trying to click them.

I’ve opened the page in FireFox and after clicking on a link in the menu to open a submenu, I couldn’t close it anymore because the X just drifted away. I approached it like a whack-a-mole game, trying to find the exact timing and the exact spot I have to click to hit the button, but that’s probably not what you want.

If you look at the page with open developer tools, you’ll also notice that there’s tons of errors thrown, which slow down the site and cause malfunctioning.

The nurumia site is much more functional, but again, very slow, and with open developer tools I get this message:

It looks like you're using the development build of the Firebase JS SDK. When deploying Firebase apps to production, it is advisable to only import the individual SDK components you intend to use.

The third site you linked in your portfolio doesn’t even load, all I get is a blank page.

I’m sorry to give such bad feedback, you’ll understand that I don’t mean harm, but you asked for honest critique. A professional developer should at least know how to open the dev tools, and take care of errors before deployment.

Thanks a lot for the critique, really.

After long sessions of experimenting with effects, looking for ideas or struggling with the architecture, many times I’m exhausted and have problems to see errors, or don’t even know where to start fixing. Your opinion really kicks my motivation and points me to enough errors to be busy fixing them for a while :smiley:

I tried to copy some of the effects in the awwwards pages but totally failed to make it functional or integrate them in a pleasant way XD . I have to learn more about UI and UX.

I will work in it and hope it improves.
Thanks for your time.

Hi @abraham.asturies !

Welcome to the forum!

You have already received a lot of great feedback.

Here are my thoughts on the portfolio.

There are some typos in the About Me section that need your attention.

I’m a full-stack webdeveloper focus in e-commerce and interested in product development.

Web developer should be two words.
Also, I think the sentence sounds a little bit awkward.

You could rewrite it like this:
I am a full-stack web developer with a focus in e-commerce and product development.

Excerpt from skills section:
Online Stores customized Frontend and Worpress

It should be Wordpress.


I think your profile section is a little unfocused.

Web dev, mobile, hardware are all very different areas of development.

I would just focus on web development since all of your projects and attention seem to be going in that direction.

You don’t want to send a message to people that you are unfocused.

I would personally restructure that profile section to focus on web development. I would also get rid of the bold text in the middle.

In your work experience section, you need to list the dates when you worked.
And I would change this line
Web Developer (Actually Employed)

You don’t need to tell people you were actually paid something. :grinning: Just leave it at web developer.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Jessica :smiley: . I will fix of those typos and rewrite some sentences.

jsdisco Thanks for taking time to take a look into my sites. I really appreciate it.
I will take the time to fix every error on the console browser. I dind’t did it on une-felt yet, just wanted to have feedback with the design, and btw , I will remove almost everything in the landing page along with some animations and so on.

Thanks as well for point me that the third link isn’t working ! I let it propperly working couple weeks ago, what a surprise find it giving ERR_500 :frowning: . If you don’t point me I would keep thinking it is ok.

I’m really glad for your critiques, they help me to improve, thanks again ! :slight_smile: |