Please Critique My Personal Portfolio!

Hi FCC! A few days ago I posted my attempt at a tribute page. I’ve been working on the portfolio ( since and would really appreciate any feedback (even regarding design). Having only been introduced to basic HTML and CSS so far, the portfolio is currently quite simple and I’m struggling to make it fully responsive. Having said that, I will most definitely be working on improving it as I progress through the FCC curriculum so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I would remove the signs around your name, but that is totally personal preference. I REALLY like your page, it is simple and clean. Great job!

You’re doing very well imo, just keep going.
If you want a subjective advice:


Your portfolio page looks great. I love your refined taste. It’s very simple and awesome! Keep going like this. Great job!

Don’t you mind, if I ask you to check out my portfolio page?