Please critique my Portfolio page HEAVILY

I worked my ass off on it but it could be better.

I only used HTML and CSS because honestly I haven’t quite learned why I should use JQuery yet and know nothing of Javascript.

I also used a lot of placeholder text because I don’t know what I want to say just yet and I want to move on.

I googled my ass off and did a tutorial on Youtube for a long time (like two days) to cement my knowledge. Some ideas are “taken” from the tutorial, but honestly I made it my own and ran into about ten thousand issues that I had to figure out how to resolve myself as well as learned how to build offline from scratch and use font-awesome and millions of other things. I feel confident I can make almost any regular page now and understand why things work and how… I’m pretty sure. That tutorial is here

Because I basically did the whole thing in the program Brackets which I had to learn and then transfer over to Codepen which was difficult, there is probably some extraneous code. I don’t like that codepen makes things “easier” for us which will make things harder in the long run. So I didn’t add any pre-set libraries I manually copied them into head.

I spent two hours trying to find an error and it turned out to be a curly brace. Yay.

I spent at least an hour trying to link my google images…hint: upload them to “Google photos” and then copy the image source.

I am hoping someone is bored enough to dig DEEP into this and really give me some solid feedback. I’m ready to move on for now, and have asked all my friends if I can build some sites for them so I can keep practicing and discovering answers to new challenges. Hooray.

Thanks dudes…see you in the intermediate projects!!!