Please critique my product landing page!

I’ve finished my product landing page. Any and all critiques welcome!


Wow! I think the design is awesome and the hover effects are really cool my only critique is that maybe you could throw in some margins below the video and around you email input :slight_smile:

Wow! you did such a great job and a really nice topic. I want to eat your site.
I love your animation and layout. You’ve really improved your coding skills compared to the last project of yours I saw. Great job.

Awesome job! :tada:

  • I’d recomment adding a pointer cursor on the subscribe button: cursor: pointer; :computer_mouse:
  • A little cool effect: add scroll-behavior: smooth to html, body, and it will do a smooth scroll :yum:


I like how the names of each recipes pop up when you hover onto the image and the only critique I have of that is the positioning of it. Maybe move it up a little so that there’s no two sides of one image?

Great job! I really like how you mode each card “pop” with the hover effects. Better than mine that’s for sure.

Thanks for all the compliments and the tips! I added a margin to the label under the video. I added the pointer and the smooth scrolling. Awesome tips!

@cftoy I’m not sure what you mean by this.

Hey! :slight_smile:

What is there not to love! :heart_eyes:

I love

  • The rich colourful images
  • The logo just works perfectly with the branding as it is very summery
  • The font choices - the heading being my favourite and I love the layout of the word ‘taste’
  • The responsive design is great, especially in the tablet or medium size

I do have a couple of suggestions

Personally, I would have made the background colour of the recipes section a different colour like a medium to dark rich orangey-red or at least because black tends to be harsh especially for a summery branding style and the subject itself.

As much I am in love with your heading section, I I have noticed the heading text is not technically a…well, text(!) but rather it is an image. Unfortunately, it is not recommended as it is not accessibility- and SEO-friendly.

It may be challenging, but to get the heading text (as actual text) to be layout the way it is shown can be done! :slight_smile:

I know one way to do this is to put every letter (of taste) in a <span> tag with each of them having their own class and in the CSS, you use the translate to move them to the position you want them to be. I will have to further explain this, but if you are interested, let me know (I think I got an old file with a similar structure of this)

Other than that, your page is amazing! Keep it up! :smiley:

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