Please critique my Technical Doc

Here is my technical doc. Any feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi, KAnd!

Congrats for finishing the project! Some points from my view:

  • I liked the color scheme you chose, but I think that the nav menu it’s a little neutral.
  • Still in the nav menu, I think you should try to vertically center the text in the list itens as well as the nav title (“JS Documentation”). Also, I can’t see the last item of the menu (“Reference”) entirely.
  • The Doc Page is not responsive. You should use media query to solve this problem.

Again, congrats and keep going!
Bruno (:

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Hi there!

Looks good on large screens. The custom scroll handles are cool.

I would change the colors on the menu and the code snippets just to give them more contrast, but the page looks good to me :slight_smile:

One thing that shouldn’t be happening on your project, since this part of the curriculum is “Responsive Web Design Certification”, is not working fully responsive. I’d recommend you to take some time to fix the layout for small screens. Your projects should show what you’ve learnt, right?

Congrats and keep it up!

@BrNaka @SpaniardDev

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll improve my colors and alignment.

You both mentioned that it isn’t responsive but I have multiple media queries and it changes layouts when I resize my screen. Is something wrong in my code making it not work on your screen?


This is what I see. I see it responsive, but needs work in my opinion. Half the screen is the menu and the other half is the content. Have you tried using a button to show the menu?