Please critique my tribute page, thank you

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You sure love Netflix! :slight_smile:

It responds well and everything stays in the right place so that’s good :thumbsup:

I would maybe add some space between the heart icons and a little padding around the titles as things look a little cramped. You’d be surprised how 8px/.5rem of padding or margin can make things easier to read.

Also, not quite sure what the buttons at the bottom are for as they didn’t seem to do anything.

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Looks great! Nice and responsive. My only feedback would be to have fun with the design aspects, like color and type, to give it that extra kick.

I agree with MARKJ78 too about the buttons at the bottom. Not sure their purpose? If the dropdown question menu is supposed to be a survey submission then I would add a “Submit” button next to it to make that clearer.

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Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback, it’s very helpful.

It looks great, @stella-yc about the design, I believe he took the no css challenge, which limits the design options regarding colors and fonts, but all together good with what you got!

thank you, I’m learning and will get better.