Please critique my Wikipedia Viewer!

Wooo learned so much doing this! When I was doing the weather app I felt like crying over the json explanations, but I actually found this pretty simple. Definitely the project I enjoyed doing the most!

So here it is, what do you think? :smiley:


i think is pretty cool

That’s cool and follows the user stories! Try to add live search and will be perfect!

and also(may be that’s not a problem at all) but if you type there something strange like the name of the rural area where I live(“kurumkan”) the relevant results are at the bottom. But this can be skipped actually. It’s already ok

Hey, thanks for the feedback! The reason I haven’t added live search is that it looks a bit messy imo. However, the Twitch project I have to do next would be a great project to implement live search so I’ll get to learn that then!

As for the relevant results, I don’t know how to fix that at all but I’m sure there’s a way! I’m thinking of finishing all the projects first then going back to polish them.

Pretty nice work , simple and sober