Please critique!

I am aware that it looks like garbage on a small screen.
Make me cry!

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Hi, to be honest i can admit that you have some nice piece work there

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I think it’s very pretty. You worked hard!

I am new, but I don’t think CSS should ever mix with html. In Codepen, you should take all you CSS out of the html box and put it in the CSS box.

You can use media queries to make it work better in mobile.

I think translucent pictures on top of a translucent background is a bit distracting. Beautiful pictures though. Well done.

hi @thegirlyoucallryan

im not sure if you planned to use the bootstrap for later styling (duplicated), because i dont see any different when i commented out those two bootsrap link.

It changes the nav bar because the nav links were an ugly blue and underlined. It didn’t do exactly what I wanted but it did make a pleasant change, at least when i did it. I think the same one is in there twice because someone commented to put the css in the css column ( but when i do that it doesnt work., but thats a different problem) the point is: I copied and pasted and now its there twice.