Please drag my portfolio through the dirt


I have just gotten far enough with my portfolio to expose it to your eyes. I decided to go with grayscale colors only to draw the attention to the content in the portfolio.

One thing I can mention about the responsiveness of the thumbnails in the portfolio. In order to have a grid that goes from 3 in a row to 2, I had to make 24 columns, not 12 that are enclosed in a single pair of row tags. So not 12 in total but the double. This, I understand, is the way to have a row of three change to a row of two with Bootstrap.

Let me know is something looks wonky.

I noticed I had forgotten the link, then immediately I edited the post. Anyway here is my portfolio

Nice job! Here’s some suggestions:

  1. The page has an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar on bottom - fix width so it stays fluid
  2. On mobile the portfolio item text does not fit, normally you go from 3 columns to one not form 3 to 2.
  3. The navbar link on hover, the circle is not in the middle of the navbar.

Hi Isaac

Thanks for pointing out the scrollbar error. I didn’t see I’ll get on it.

I see now how at certain screensizes the text extends outside the well. Good catch.

I am actually thinking of building have the grid behave like this: Desktop 3 columns, Tablet 2 columns and mobile 1 column. Is that unnecessary you think?

I don’t quite understand the third point. Can you clarify please? What circle is that?

Hi. I like it! I agree with Isaac for the portfolio items issue on small devices: maybe your solution (3-2-1 columns) will work the right way. I also think you should center the ‘Gallery of projects’ heading. The navbar voices are in reversed order(?).

No, I think that grid sounds fine. The navbar thing is really nit-picky, so forgive me, but you have something like this:

I was saying when you see the circle, the top of the white circle is hiding and it is not in the middle of the navbar. You should vertically center it like this:

Hi Isaac Thanks for clarifying. I have now fixed the navbar.
dem-s Thanks for noticing the order of the navbar items I now got them sorted.

I have now changed to a 3-2-1 grid and it looks so so. When you resize from the largest size down to the smallest the wells in my gri go from large - small - large -small. This is the root cause of the problems with the text overflowing the well.

I might have a complete redesign of the grid later. Anyhow thanks for the comments @IsaacAbrahamson and @dem-s They were very helpful. Both of you spotted things I would have missed.

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