Please explain Project description

Hi People,

I know couple of campers has back end development background.

Can someone please explain what does this project description to me.

Can’t get it what is saying after couple read. :frowning:

I have applied for Junior role and passed resume screening. Just wanted someone to explain what does exactly mean. No other programming help. I don’t believe in cheating.

If I have asked something I am not supposed to then I’ll delete it and apologies for that.


Instead of us giving our interpretation of the instructions for something you are supposed to do for yourself, why don’t you tell us what parts of the description you do not understand. What wording is confusing to you? Better yet, why not reach out to who created this github project and ask them. The creators of a project will always be able to give you better background information than someone reading it for the first time.

Thanks for your reply. Honestly speaking I didn’t get anything from a description. I have tried this whole morning to find something similar on Google to start with but after spending half of my day accept failure.

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Now working on grid css and loving it. source :