Please feedback on my new project!

Hello everyone! I am new to this community so I would like to apologize on my question.

I am an entrepreneur as of the moment, but because technology evolves I am now learning web development. Horay! I am working with a canvas site and asking for your honest feedback about my work. You can answer this question as you go through my site.

  1. What do you think of the over all design of the site?
  2. Is there any issue you encountered when you opened the site?
  3. Is my website user-friendly? What can you recommend to make the site more user-friendly and appealing.

I just want to know if I am doing good. Please! Thank you!


Hello! Could you provide a link to your site so that we can access it? :slight_smile:

Oh! Here’s the site! Thanks!

It actually looks great and the site is pretty user-friendly. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything further to add

I agree with @dondon11, the site looks pretty neat and professional, I don’t really have any suggestions from the user’s standpoint :sweat_smile: Great job!

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Good morning!

The site’s design looks really good, so there aren’t many flaws i could pick with it, but as you’re here for some feedback for improvement I’ve approached this with a determination to find some areas for improvement. The design is solid, so I’ve approached some of the technical elements instead:

  1. This could be a technical issue on my side, but I found that the images in your carousel took a bit of time to load when you forced the carousel to move right, leaving a blank box for a short amount of time before resizing and displaying the image (see “Skyline” in the image below):
  2. When clicking the “-” icon to close the information panels at the bottom of the home page, you are automatically scrolled to the bottom of the page. I’ve included this in my review as i wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not.
  3. Testing on multiple displays, the “Disney” child option in the “Movies” navigation menu does not appear to line up correctly (it appears slightly below the parent option). This is the same with most drop-down options in the navigation menu, where the “>” icon also appears to be misaligned (although this may be intentional?):
  4. I failed to find a use for the magnifying glass icon in the search options, as the search is conducted automatically whilst typing and clicking the button doesn’t appear to do anything.

As i mentioned at the start, this is a really good looking site so you should be proud of what you’ve created. I’ve been fairly picky whilst looking through it to provide some (hopefully) useful feedback.

If any of the points need any more clarification please let me know.

Oh! Thanks for that. :wink: Did you find any issue when opening my site?

Im flattered. Thank you!

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May I know what is your resolution? So, we can check this all. Thank you for this feedback! :wink: We’ll let you know for the improvement. :wink:

My resolution to this would be to either make the search results the main feature of the page (display results page) when the search icon is clicked, or remove the icon entirely as it currently serves no purpose. This is only my opinion though :smiley:

There is no submit action on form. We use ajax on search bar…

I think that’s with the screen resolution? May I know your screen resolution? We are also using firefox developer edition.

I already checked it out. But everything is in place. Can you screenshot what you mean? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Oh yes! I am doing it to be fluid.

It’s kinda hard to make it fluid because I started doing it with bigger resolutions.

VERY NICE! I remember you posting it when you were still working on it, this is a huge improvement , love the colours, layout and the responsiveness. Marvellous!!!