Please feedback on my Product Landing Page


Here is my Product Landing page:

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks!

Hi, Igor!

Nice job. I like the vibes of the page resembling a canvas with handwritten text on it. I’d only spare on the effects and color palette.

Two big things I think are worth considering are 1) make the canvas background the full width of the page, I believe it will soften the visual by simplifying the palette, and it will focus more on the content, and 2) get away with all the text shadows; they’re polluting the visual and it would make more sense if they seem written on canvas, not floating over it.

I didn’t check your code, I don’t feel I can do much to contribute to this yet. But I like what you’ve done.

Keep up the good work!

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I love this Product Landing Page, Good Job!

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Hmm… can anyone tell me why adding a simple filter: blur(1px) to my h2 elements makes my email text box and submit button unclickable?

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