Please feedback!

Hi, I am I have not finished my portfolio completely but I need move on to next step! I really enjoy creating my portfolio. I would really appreciate it for the feedback! Any comments, criticize will welcome :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi Kijimu,
I like your landing page. I really like the top banner that you use with your name on top. The buttons all seem to work well, too! If I could make one suggestion, put your email address at the top banner or by your picture.
I wanted to see moreโ€ฆ ;))
Great start, Keep going!

While viewing on my desktop, I see two scrollbars on the main home page, which seems odd to me. It is normal to have a vertical scrollbar for the overall browsing of the page, but the 2nd inner one on the right seems unnecessary, because there is no other content in the about section to scroll down to.

Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciated your suggestion :grinning:

Thank you! I did not notice the scroll bar. It will show when I use Google Chrome.