Please friends i need your help

I was using my phone to code and i bought a laptop but i dont know to do to able to use it to code

Hi @abdallahhidir83 !

If you are doing the FCC curriculum than you should still be able to continue with your studies on the laptop using the FCC code editor.

Were you asking about using the laptop with code editors outside of FCC?

I have finish…But i want to use visual studio to code

I do want to point out that visual studio code and visual studio are different

Visual studio code is a code editor that you can use for building web applications

Visual studio is an IDE. So if you are working with languages like c/c++ than that would be a good choice.

You can download Visual Studio Code here

You can download Visual Studio here

I think the documentation for both is pretty good but there are also good articles and videos on youtube on how to use the applications.

I download it and now the process madam…Thanks for that

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thank you madam too, for explained the difference between the software’s it has helped me reading Abdullah’s question and your.

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